Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 5

After the epic Super Rugby Final, the Vodacom team had one more day planned for the SuperGees Tour group in Sydney. The options were the Hop on / Hop off tour or a tour through Sydney to Bondi Beach on Harley Davidsons.

We had our Breakfast and by the time we met in the Hotel lobby, the Troll Tours group were already waiting. The street in front of the Hotel was a buzz of excitement; both the Vodacom SuperGees group and passing pedestrians were brimming with smiles from ear to ear.
Troll Tours
We made our way to the bikes and were introduced to the riders. I must admit that I moved along light-footedly, like Adam Ashley-Cooper the night before, as I had my eye on the beautiful matte black V-Rod standing outside. I introduced myself to the owner, Gad, and soon we were chatting away about our trip and what we do back home.

Everybody got their helmets and jackets on, and the mechanical roar of the Harleys echoed through the street. We hopped on and our tour started. We made our way from the hotel to Walsh Bay, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and McMahon’s Point where we stopped for a couple of photos. From there we went back via the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair via the city / botanical gardens.
Opera House and Harbour Bridge
We were told the story of Mrs Macquarie and took some more photos. You have excellent views of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge from both Walsh Bay and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. You could also see Woolloomooloo bay, where the Australian Naval base is located. Next up, we made our way to Bondi beach for some coffee and brownies. As we rolled down the hill with the mechanical symphony of the group of Harley’s I could only stare with amazement down the hill to Bondi Beach.

The beach has clear waters and white sand. It was a hub of activity, with several joggers and families enjoying the pleasant Australian winters Day. We were lucky enough to have clear, sunny skies on the ride. This just made Sydney so much more awesome!

After our coffee and brownies, we hopped back onto the bikes and set off toward Watsons Bay for lunch. I was amazed by the mix of old and modern houses. Everywhere we went, we also saw many people walking / jogging / cycling. It was truly a remarkable day! In a blink of an eye, our 3 and a half hour Harley Davidson trip through Sydney were over, as we got off at Watson’s bay.
Lunch was served at Doyles on the Beach and we had a lot of laughs again. Everybody in the group knew that I am getting married in September, and gave me loads of advice. The wise words were shared with Bronson, and these were that bread and milk is the cornerstone of a happy marriage.

He said, that if you must get bread and milk on our way to home, then all is well, but if not, you better invest in some flowers and be prepared to part with some cash in form of one or the other peace offering – as it was then evident that I have messed up. And it does not matter how wrong my wife might be, I am not to point out the error of her ways! I should rather just say sorry, eish, hmmm and a range of other not aggressive words. Until I must get some bread and milk – that would be the sign of forgiveness.

After lunch, Vodacom arranged a private water taxi for our trip back to Sydney Harbour, where we would have a “Walking Distance” stroll back to the Hotel. After the lunch (and actually the other preceding meals), I needed this walk! We spent the afternoon at leisure, before our last meal on the Vodacom SuperGees tour.

Dinner was at Wolfies Grill. Although you could feel that the Vodacom SuperGees trip was coming to an end, we still had a good evening with some excellent food and good wine. We were completely secluded on our own, and this added to the real intimate feeling of the dinner. We recalled many memories from the trip and shared our stories that lead to winning the prize.

I have to be brutally honest when I say; this was really the best trip ever. And the thing that made my Australian trip so awesome was my fellow South Africans on tour. Vodacom spoilt us rotten, and we had such an absolute blast, that any future trip will be measured against this trip!

Sydney Harbour Bridge

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