Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 2

Sydney Harbour

Vodacom arranged some activities for the SuperGees Tour Group to do – either Sydney Harbour bridge climb with lunch, Deep Sea fishing with lunch afterward or a private tour of the Sydney Opera house and thereafter a hop on / hop off tour of Sydney.

Being super afraid of heights, I opted for the Opera House tour. There were only 4 of us on the tour, so the experience was truly unique and personal. We saw some videos about the history of the Opera House, some of the performance halls and most impressively, the Sydney Orchestra busy rehearsing in the Concert Hall.

The Opera House’s story actually has quite a sad undertone, as there were several political agendas at play. It eventually ended up in a new government taking over and ultimately, the architect of the Opera House, Jørn Utzon, resigning and returning to his home country.
See more here about the story of the Opera House.

After the tour, we had a small lunch and hopped onto the Sydney Tour bus. Other than the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney has a very rich history, with many older buildings that are still preserved in the modern city.
St Mary's Cathedral
We got off the Tour Bus at the Sydney Tower, and made the 250 meter lift trip to the top enclosed viewing deck. In total, the tower is 309 meters tall. The tower offers breath taking views of Sydney. The tower is also very safe, as it was designed to withstand wind speeds that may only occur once every 500 years, as well as earth quakes.

Once safely back onto the ground, we hopped onto the Tour Bus again, and continued our trip through Sydney. Places of interest included Town Hall, Kings Cross, Woolloomooloo (Aborigine for Kangaroo), Botanical Gardens, State Library, Hyde Park and many others.
View of Sydney
Facts about Sydney included that it has the biggest IMAX Theatre in the world – at 7 stores high! This just illustrated the vast differences in historical offerings that Sydney has to offer, as the current building of the State Library was occupied in 1881. In 1877, the library had 1225 registered patrons! It just goes to show that the people of Sydney are serious about the entertainment!

After the Hop on / Hop off tour, we made our way back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner. Vodacom arranged dinner at the Pony Restaurant that included some good dining and again some excellent company with the guys on Tour.

We got to learn more about each other – from journalists to marketing, doctors to accountants. All sharing their love for Rugby and preparing themselves for what promised to be an epic game on Saturday.

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