Vodacom SuperGees Competition

Vodacom SuperGees
I was busy with one of my colleagues on the phone, when my cell phone started ringing. At first I ignored the call, as I did not know the number, but the person kept on calling back. Eventually, I took the call. It was a representative from Vodacom. Immediately I thought, “No, I don’t want to buy anything, I have a Sony smart phone and a Data contract”.

However, the lady did not give me the usual speech. She actually asked if I had a passport and if I were available to travel. At first I thought that this is kind off fishy, so I just continued with my day. But the next day I got written confirmation from a valid email address with several mail addresses copied – also valid email addresses.

I sent my fiancée the mail, and she was ecstatic! A possible trip to Christchurch, Durban or Sydney, depending on who would feature in the 2014 Vodacom Super 15 final. We sat down, and did the calculations – any of the venues were still a real possibility.
Vodacom Package
A package arrived at the office, and all of a sudden, the SuperGees Tour was real! The package included a suitcase, jackets, All Star shoes, Skull Candy headphones, power banks, a backpack and many more goodies. Vodacom was making sure that we were ready for this tour!

The weekends passed, and I held thumbs for a Waratahs / Sharks final, as this game would be in Sydney. But alas, it was not to be. The Waratahs and the Crusaders made it to the final, but a trip to Sydney was on the cards. The semis have barely passed, when a Whatsapp group was created, with a bunch of participants. Everybody was stoked to go to Sydney!

Here follows the story of our trip (the link will open in a new tab):
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 1
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 2
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 3
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 4
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 5
Vodacom SuperGees Tour Day 6
Vodacom Supergees Tour Food and Drinks

Gallery of the trip:

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