I have often battled with keeping up with the rapid pace of Twitter. But with the addition of several nice mobile clients, it is easy to quickly have a look at what is going on in the Twitter sphere before a meeting or in the traffic.

However, when at the office or at home, I have often wondered how to best follow what is going on. A quick Google search led me to Tweet Deck.

I fell in love with the dark look and as I have been using lists for quite some time already, I just added my lists as columns. Since I have started to use TweetDeck, my Twitter experience improved quite a lot! I can actively engage now with other users, whereas before I missed quite a lot – due to Twitter’s fast pace.


I would suggest TweetDeck to any user who wants to follow what is going on on Twitter. It has a simple yet beautiful interface, and once set up, a breeze to work with across multiple Computers.

Tweet Deck

Rudi Coetzee

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