#StadiumTour Stories

Here are a couple of stories that Joel Stransky and Rudolph Straeuli shared with us:

  • One day, before quite an important match, as the team got ready to go out onto the field, one of the guys stop and say: “Hey boys, ons moet bid (we need to pray). So all the guys came together, and the most beautiful prayer ever was said – where the Lord was thanked for the beautiful day, for the opportunity to play rugby and so forth. Finally, the prayer was ended with the words: “keep us safe and keep our opposition safe (from harm), Amen”. after witch the captain yelled out: “right boys, kom ons gaan fok hulle op (lets go fuck them up)!
  • As the teams walked out onto the pitch at the 1995 Rugby World Cup, Joel notice about 5 guys in front of him, was Jonah Lomu – who had a reputation like few other. He was unstoppable during the 1995 world cup! As they continued down to the field, he could not help but notice that this XXL man, had a rugby jersey that was more tight fitting than modern cycling jerseys. That is were Joel figured: “I am glad that I am not James Small”!
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