PDF Merge Application

PDF Merge Screenshot

The PDF Merge application, is a small application that allows the user to merge multiple PDF documents into one PDF document.

The user needs to add the documents via the “Add File/s” button, where the user can select one or more (using the Ctrl button) PDF documents to merge. The output file name is specified by clicking the “Browse” button. Once all the files are added to the list and the output file name is specified, the user just needs to click “Merge PDF’s” and the PDF documents are merged into one document.

To remove files, the user needs to select the file in the list that is to be removed and click the “Remove” button. To clear the whole list, the user needs to click the “Clear List” button.

To close the application, the user can click the close button in the application’s title bar.

If you found my application useful, and you wish to contribute to my development / hosting / beer fund, there is a “Buy me a Beer” button, that will open your browser window and allow ou to make a donation via Papal. the donation value is entirely dependent on yourself.

The application was created using the .Net 4 framework, thus the framework needs to be installed on our computer for the application to run.

The application can be downloaded from the following two links:

The download is a convenient install set that will install the application as well as create shortcuts on the desktop and the start menu.

To uninstall the application, the user can just go to Add or Remove programs and remove the PDF Merge application.