As I am into software development, I get to create some useful utilities for myself. These small applications can be found on this page.

There might be other applications to find that does exactly the same thing – perhaps even better, so please feel free to try them out if my application does not look or behave as expected.

I have uploaded these applications, as I am super fed up with all the bundled adware that comes with smaller applications on the web. I will not add adware to my applications’ installers or to the application itself, as I feel quite strong about that. In the free applications, you will find a “Buy me a Beer” button, that will open a Paypal link where you can donate a couple of bucks for my efforts.

What you donate, is purely up to you, but I do prefer Heineken.

If you would like to request additional features or a specific application, feel free to contact me with your full requirement.

PDF Merge

PDF Document Merge Application

A small application to merge one or more PDF Documents into a single PDF Document