Kia over the Moon Mountain Bike Night Race

Kia Over the Moon

You have to do this race – the Kia over the Moon Mountain Bike Night Race!

Many people ask me why I would say that, and it is quite simple – Kia does an excellent job of hosting this race. It is almost in the heart of Johannesburg, and really accessible for cyclists from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

The event is held at the Modderfontein reserve, in Modderfontein, Johannesburg. You can access the park from the R25, making it easy for cyclists to use the R21 or the N3.

When you get to the venue, Kia ensures that the vibe is nice and lively. Race start time is at 7pm, just when the sun goes down. The route is quite fast, featuring some killer single track, jeep track and a few challenging hills. The down hills are quite manageable at night. Just be sure to bring proper lighting along!

When you finish, there is some boerrie rolls and refreshments. Although some of the guys come to race, everybody shares in the good spirit of the event, and there are many stories and laughs to share afterwards.

The event is hosted on the first Wednesday of every month.

Links for some photos on Facebook:

Over the Moon 1
Over the Moon 2

The route as captured by Strava on my Phone for Over the Moon 3:

Over the Moon 3 Race Profile

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