Food and Drinks of the Vodacom SuperGees Tour

We had it all during the SuperGees Tour! From a BBQ at Phillips Foote to soft shell crab at Cyren Restaurant at Darling Harbour. Vodacom made sure that we never grew hungry during our tour, keeping energy levels up for our “Walking Distance” strolls through Sydney.

We also had plenty of drinks to choose from. The connoisseurs on tour opted for some wine, but I went all out in pursuit of the Australian beer. I tried most of them – Lord Nelson’s three sheets, a stout at 3 Pines in Manly, to Hahn’s Super Dry at the ANZ stadium.

Although the food and drink was good, it merely served as the catalyst for the South Africans to have a good time. We ate well, had some drinks and laughed often – South Africans sure know how to be merry!

Some of the food and drinks that I had:

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