Dukan Diet weeks 8 and 9

I ended my previous post with the question that I wonder how much weight I will drop if I get active. Sadly, I have not been as active as what I would have like to be in the last 2 weeks. It is actually unbelievable how fast time goes by – especially when you are busy.

2 Posts ago I said that there is no excuse to be made and I should stick to this rule. It is simple, just ensure that you get up early for a walk / jog / ride. It does not have to be hours upon end. You can get away with just 45 minutes of activity at a moderate intensity level.

I also had a stomach bug in week 9, but this did not help to lose weight. The figures for the two weeks were as follows:
• Week8 – 73.3kg
• Week9 – 73.9kg

Here are some of the shots of the food of the last two weeks:
Clockwise – Smoked Pork Belly Ribs, BBQ Chicken Breast, Prawns

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