Dukan Diet Weeks 6 and 7

I got quite despondent after week 5’s weight gain, as my fiancée did not gain weight in the same period. She actually lost weight (albeit a couple of hundred grams) – during the same time, going to the same events! So I was looking up to getting on the scale again.

I motivated myself by the idea that the worst that it could go, is I could be back on week 4’s 75.8kg. That means that I will have lost 2 weeks (or gained 2 weeks on the length of the Cruise Phase – depending your point of view).

I did not manage to get around to the gym on Monday morning, so I shot out to buy my own scale after work on Monday. This way I could also ensure that calibration issues with frequently used scales, would be eliminated.

I got onto my shiny new scale on Tuesday morning – 75.2kg! I was 600 gram below week 4! YEAH! After week 7 I weighed in on the Monday morning below 75kg, at 74.7kg. This is the least that I have weighed in 7 years!!!

This also means that I have 5 more kilos to go tom my Goal of 70kg! I am also close the 60% of my goal mark! And the best of it all, I am still to really start exercising hard! In fact, with all the rain and happenings in-between, I have not been on the bicycle for 2 weeks.

I wonder how the numbers will drop when I start getting more active!

Weight loss progress

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