Dukan Diet Week 5

This was my bad week. After coming from the high of week 4, I knew beforehand that week 5 was going to be a bad one. I have lost good weight and got to my lowest weight in more than 2 years using the Dukan Diet!


But that is not the reason for my excuse. Valentine’s Day is! We had a pimp and ho party and I knew beforehand that this was going to be a big one. We planned this party before my diet started, and I knew that there would be no excuses. I snacked on predominantly proteins, but the drinks were the big no. Strawberry Daiquiris, Castle Lights and several shooters were on the menu for the night.


To make matters worse, we had a pig out on Thursday evening and another function on Saturday evening… My weight this week: 76.8kg… One kilogram up from week 4!


But, let there not be any more excuses, the only excuse will have to be an injury now! Time to get back onto the bike and into the gym, and kill this kilo that I picked up!


Excuses makes you weak

Excuses makes you weak

Rudi Coetzee

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