Dukan Diet Week 2

So after the really successful first week, I started week 2 with quite a lot of hope that my goal could come fast. With that said though, I hoped for an optimistic weight loss of about a kilo per week. It turns out it does not always work like that.

I followed the diet as I should, alternating between the Protein Only and Protein + Veg days. I also started to exercise again, and exercise included Bicycle rides on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I felt quite bad after Tuesday’s ride, running out of energy towards the end of the ride. We do our riding in Midrand, so it is quite hilly here and the rides take a lot from you after some time off the bike. I must admit that I just tried to hard to keep up with the boys.

On Thursday, I took a bottle of USN’s Cyto Power HP with me for the ride, and felt much better afterwards. It seems that the Dukan diet is not really suited for intense training days. You need to fill up with some kind of energy supplement. For the normal gym days, it works just fine.


After all of the week’s ups and downs, I lost 800 gram, bringing the total weight loss to 3.4kg. And this is only after week 2! I weighed in at 77.8 kilos, the lightest that I have been for quite some time – two years if memory serves correct!


Some of the foods this week included the usual steak, chicken, fish, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli,  cauliflower, eggs, yoghurt and Galettes. We also had some omelettes on Sunday, filled with tomato and bacon without fat. That was quite a yummy treat!


Rudi Coetzee

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