How to add location data to an existing Instagram photo

Every now and then, I take pictures with my Digital Camera, but only post them to Instagram later on – specifically when I am not around the location where the image was taken. Recently, I discovered the Instagram photo map, and all of a sudden, the location data was an issue. I took several pictures of the Sydney Opera House and surrounding areas – but they did not have any location info attached to them.

instagram cover

So the question is, why do you want to add location data to your image – especially older (and existing) images? Well, according to me, there is 3 simple reasons for which I like to add the location information:
1. It is cool.
2. It also serves as a simple reminder of all your trips that you have taken.
3. Other people can find your images via location in addition to hash tags.

Now, how do you add the location to the image, after it has been posted to Instagram?

It is really simple, and you don’t have to delete the photo! Please note: I used this method on an Android phone and have not tested it on an I Phone. You just need to do the following:
1. Download an app called FakeGPS Free from the Play Store.
2. Go to Settings -> Developer Options and enable Allow Mock Locations. If you cannot find developer options in your settings menu, run a Google search for “YOUR PHONE MODEL Developer Options”.

After you have installed the app and enabled Allow Mock Locations, run through the following steps:
1. Open FakeGPS and choose a location on the map close to where you took the photo. Tap the play button in the lower right corner. FakeGPS will close and you can open Instagram.

FakeGPS Free

2. Once in Instagram, browse to the image that you would like to add the location to, tap the options button in the lower right corner, tap the edit option in the pop up menu, tap the Add location option at the top of the image and choose the applicable location.

instagram location

After you are done, you can tap the save button and voila! The location is added to the image and it will show up in your photo map.

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