A noob’s guide to the Jozi Hustle

Jozi HustleI got invited by one of my friends some time ago, to go do the Jozi Hustle. I have had quite a few invites already, every time having something else pop up – preventing me to go hustle a bit through the streets of Johannesburg.

This time around, I decided I should just go.

I got to Hunter Cycling’s shop in Joburg, and there were a few guys, but not many. It has been raining quite a lot at the time, so the rain must have scared the guys off. However, I came prepared, rain jacket, lights and my road bike. There was a light drizzle at the time of the start, and the roads were wet for the first 4 or so kilos.

We got a quick briefing, call it a pre-race briefing. I was the only noob, and the instructions were clear, if you can’t keep up, wait for the rest of the riders before taking on Joburg’s streets.

Keep up… Pfft. Let me just say this, I got to Hunter Cycling first!

But wait, there is more… About 20 seconds before the actual leaders. Holy hell, these guys shunt! I got dropped off the first pack about 5 kilos into the hustle. I managed to see the reflection of cycling shoes until Wemmer pan. From there I was on my own.

I decided to make my way back to the bike shop, luckily I have some knowledge of Joburg. What an epic ride! I got to see scenes of Joburg that I never get to see, even in daylight! The Mandela Bridge at night is just awesome and although there is a lot to see, I will not suggest that one simply go riding by thyself.

In a nutshell, the Jozi Hustle is a must for any “weekend warrior”. Just pay attention at the pre Hustle briefing and be prepared to Hustle. It is through the streets of Joburg, at night with some traffic to mix things up.

The think bike marshals do take care of the cyclists, and the best of it all, FREE! These guys are just awesome! There is a Think Bike Box at Hunter Cycling for donations and one must simply arrange a refreshment for the marshals after the ride!

See more about the Think Bike Marshals HERE.
See more about the Jozi Hustle / Hunter Cycling HERE.

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