2014 Nedbank Sani2C Time lapse footage

I was looking forward to the 2014 Nedbank Sani2C for quite some time, until the week before the event, I hurt my left eye – the good one.

Although it was just some slight damage to the eye, I would not be able to ride a bicycle in dusty conditions. This was quite a big issue, as the plan was to borrow all my friends’ GoPro cameras, and grab some cool footage of my buddies doing some awesome Mountain Biking.

With that plan out the window, I decided to do a time lapse video of my road trip. I knew that I was going to see some awesome parts of South Africa, that I would otherwise not see. The idea was to mount the GoPro in the camper van that I was travelling with, and do the time lapse at 5 second intervals.

The road trip turned out quite awesome! I piloted the camper van down tarred roads, dirt roads and even some jeep track.

Day 1 was relatively straight forward, with only a short offriad trip via a jeeptrack to the PG Bison floating bridge at Mossbank dam. There was also some dirt road to the overnight venue at MacKenzie Country Club.

On day 2, I got lost proper, and took a 54km detour via a very dodgy gravel road through the Umkomaas valley via Richmond to Jolivet farm. I missed the riders at the first water point, skipped the Nandos water point (where they were handing out free Nandos burgers) and I got the guys at the third and last water point for the day, 15km from the finish at Jolivet Farm.

I did not get any footage on day 3 from Jolivet to Scottborough.

I must admit that the GoPro does take some awesome images, but they are not too good for cropping and editing afterwards. You should rather stick to a proper camera. But for time lapse, the image quality is more than good enough. Just be sure to make use of the correct settings – If you are going to travel fast, you need to have the time lapse set at 2 seconds or less.

I used the GoPro Hero 3 Silver+ Edition with the resolution set at 7MP wide and 5 second intervals. Spot metering was on

For more information on the Sani2C event, please click here.

Have a look below at the video of the Time Lapse footage:

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